About Us

Brand "CITRUS" is promoted and owned by Citrus Fashions Pvt. Ltd., a company incorporated in India, launched their collection of high fashion scarves and other fashion accessories in the year 2007.

Brand Citrus kickstarted with the humane and novel aim of weaving the traditional in terms of technique into the very fabric of contemporary designing, realising the immense potential that lay amongst the huge workforce of ultra skilled craftsmen, steeped into unemployment by virtue of mechanical invasion who could be rightly utilized for ensuring uniqueness and that human touch, which is so integral in creating a product at Citrus. The very essence of our products at Citrus lies in this interweaving of human touch and emotions, the confluence of which traces the end result that we love to flaunt around, back through its very path of care and fondness that go into its making and bring to life the very naturalistic element of the product we call love. Yes, at Citrus, we create love, wearable tangible love.

Citrus has, in nine years, been able to carve out an enviable niche for itself in the fashion industry, having established a reputation for itself has a sustainable brand that excels in tastefully crafted unique design ideas. Citrus takes pride in having a revolutionised the very notion of a simple scarf from being a mere wrap around cover cloth to a stunning and compulsory fashion accessory. Even as we speak, the brand is continuously expanding, with its absolutely novel and irresistible designs being retailed at leading departmental and multi label stores across the world.

The brand identity of Citrus is of a pompom scarves company and long silk beaded necklace jewels but more than that people love us for our unique styling in the way we mix our prints and embroider them. The brand is very popular for its colour story. Citrus is being positioned as one of the most popular scarves and accessories brand not only in Asia but also in the American market. Citrus scarves and jewels have been featured in the famous magazine all over the world.

The brand is noted largely for its signature pompom scarves and gorgeous long silk beaded neckpieces that add the desired definition and edge to any fashion statement. However, what we are primarily loved for, is our unparalleled styling in the manner in which we blend in the best of print with the most unique of embroidery to produce an absolute masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Citrus collection is designed by a team of diversely talented and enthusiastic designers under the supervision and guidance of Creative Director Madhu Killa, her sister Rinkle Jain, who has ushered a vibrant youth vive to the collection. The team of 72, exuding zeal and creativity also holds social issues as a very integral part of brand’s creation.

Citrus recently opened their Company owned design office in the hub of art and fashion, in Florence, Italy.

Citrus has an extensive manufacturing unit, complete with in-house handloom weaving, printing and dyeing units, which helps us in producing quality goods and adhering to expected delivery schedules. Citrus is currently concentrating on high fashion accessories like scarves, stoles, wraps, shawls, brooches and fashion jewelry that will create a difference, not just in the industry of fashion, but in the individual lives of our innumerable customers.


Madhu is a radio physicist by education, but her passion for design and textile got her into the world of fashion. She left her promising career in radio physics and join National Institute of Fashion Technology, to understand design basics.

She launched brand CITRUS in 2007 and showcased her maiden collection at the Paris Fashion Week at the Workshop Salon, where it was very well received by prominent names in the trade like Baycrews and Saks Fifth Avenue. Citrus today retails at the most prestigious departmental stores and multi label outlets across the globe.

She has created a unique signature using skilled artisanal resources from India and adopting it for a global market. Her innovations using prints, weaves and embroideries from India, has brought her many accolades.

Her hand crafted creations are a perfect antidote to the tech savvy & industrially made products.

She started her career with the Handloom Weavers and Fair Trade Weaver’s Society in Bengal, who were working hard to stop the exodus of handloom weavers into other lucrative professions. The first collection was created in 2007, using simple textiles made by these weavers. It was embellished by handmade pompoms, which became the signature of the label. The collection was very well receipt at Paris Fashion Week. Her efforts to integrate and educate the weavers to weave the new designs more apt for the international market has been acknowledged world over.

Madhu is an avid and passionate traveller. She travels across continents and time zones very frequently. Her travels provide her with constant ideas and inspiration which are reflected in her collections. She indulges all her senses to draw her inspirations. The travels also enable her to understand the needs of the global market. Her acumen lies in uniquely juxtaposing her inspiration with the artisanal resources and techniques available in India.

Like all creators, she wants to venture into the unknown each time and is reluctant about repetition and the mundane. Her design philosophy is quintessentially explorative, experimental and expressive.


Rinkle, a Chartered Accountant by profession has no formal training in fashion and textiles, but she is naturally gifted with the intuitive creative understanding the surpasses the ordinary. She has been creating innovative designs from commonly available fabrics and has always been able to achieve the extraordinary. She pushes her creative boundaries out of the comfort zones and take them to more edgy and innovative grounds.

Her dedication, sincerity and hard work has helped her transformed into a mature designer who knows the signature of the brand.

She has a bohemian, chic style with keen attention to details. She brings in a strong element of youth through her free-spirited approach to design.